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The Feelings Wheel was originally developed by Dr. Gloria Wilcox. Since its creation , there have been a variety of adaptations made by therapists and researchers. This adaptation was created by therapist and PTP founder, Chelsey Reese. The Feelings Wheel is a resource that can be used to build on emotional vocabulary, expand emotional awareness, explore emotional states deeply. 


The Feelings Wheel is a simple yet effective tool for exploring and understanding one's emotions. With its organized and comprehensive layout, this wheel assists individuals in identifying and expressing their feelings accurately. This tool can be especially helpful for those who struggle to articulate or process their emotions, providing a visual aid to facilitate communication. Whether used in therapy sessions, by individuals looking to improve self-awareness, or by educators in a classroom setting, the Feelings Wheel can be an invaluable resource for promoting mental health and emotional well-being. This tool is not only educational, but also serves as a practical guide for promoting self-reflection and emotional intelligence.

Feelings Wheel

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