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Power Through Process Therapy

Healing, growth, and wellness rely on our ability to process life's moments.

Relational & Somatic Psychotherapy

Individual and group therapy for adults, couples, and teens ages 12+

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Chelsey Reese, LCSW, RYT-200

Emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of wellness deeply resonate with me and the work I do. I am most passionate about supporting you in easing stress and worry, healing trauma wounds, building confidence, and finding your inner voice and divine power.

(323) 539-4633

What you can expect

My therapeutic approach is trauma informed, client centered, collaborative, and present focused; The relational dynamics happening in the therapy room is really important to helping you meet your goals and creating supportive relational dynamics outside of therapy. I'll encourage clients to check in and connect deeper to themselves by turning inwards to what’s happening in their bodies presently in order to release stress, tension, and trauma. We may start or end sessions by practicing grounding and relaxation techniques. Everyones healing journey is unique and therapy looks different for everyone. 

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I take into account the impact of trauma on the body, emotions, and behaviors. I talk with clients about what trauma is and how it affects our nervous system. Everything offered in session is an invitation and we can gradually address trauma in a way that feels safe.


The therapeutic relationship between client and therapist is the highest indicator of successful therapy outcomes. Building a positive therapeutic alliance is essential. It also helps us understand your relationships with other people, feelings, and behaviors.

Client Centered

I work to create a non-judgmental and empathetic space. I believe the people are the experts in their own lives. Using a client centered approach I empower clients to lean into the expert role and learn tools that will allow them to help and resource themselves. 

Mind-Body Focused

The mind and body are one. We can gain greater insight by building awareness around our bodily functions and responses. By depending the mind-body connection we learn to better regulate ourselves, induce relaxation, and experience greater wellbeing.

Image by Nadi Spasibenko
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